A Guide to Mastering your Brand Merchandise

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Mastering your Brand Merchandise

Do you know how it feels to see someone walk by with your brand name proudly embossed across their t-shirt? I can tell you it’s freakin’ awesome! A proper ‘chuffedie’ badge moment, that little else could make you feel that way; which is why if done right, merchandise is a vocal income point for starting out.

  1. Spend money to make money

It’s not as daunting as you would initially think. After careful consideration as to what promotional product is ideal for your event/ brand persona – you’ll be surprised how cheap a run of t-shirts could be e.g. our AWDI Just Cool Performance T-shirt with one print is just £6.30 per t-shirt for a quantity of fifty – uhuh that’s only £50!  The RRP YOU could sell it at could be anything up to £20!  I know it’s not all about money, but that’s dolla, dolla bills, yo!

2. Consider the right merchandise

There’s a whole other world of endless possibilities and choices when it comes to promotional accessories and clothing, from the predictable but equally acceptable t-shirts and stickers to the oddest of things…

Stop and think before you order a gazillion of something you think is totally awesome, because your target audience might not be so eager to part with their money. Consider practicality; ideally you want your merchandise to be used again, in normal life circumstances e.g. if you’re running a charity event/ challenge a quirky coloured, vibrant t-shirt with a loud logo position would be great – people will want to show off their achievement.   Alternatively, in our experience we know that simple black/ white garments produce the greatest print and lead in sales.

Now you’ve got the jist of things, you’ll have to consider stock take. Our sizes are very realistic and can often be used for people between sizes, kids and ladies specific.

3.Merchandise Design

Ideally get should get pally with your design department for this, it’s one thing coming up with a design concept, but the artwork must be compatible for the best outcome.   Don’t panic if you’re not design literate – we’ve added a section for artwork requirements here

4. Create a Social Buzz

Make sure you create a social hype online to broadcast the release of your brand new merchandise. Provide an avenue to sales, so customers can indulge from the comfort of their own homes.

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