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Custom Printed Hoodies

custom printed hoodies

  Personalised custom hoodies are in the top 3 of our most popular selling promotional product for us this year – with hundreds being sold for: music festivals, school events and athletic clubs.  They’ve also been popular stock items for cycle outdoor events and band merchandise! Promotional clothing such as hoodies are money well spent […]

Strathpuffer MTB

strathpuffer MTB mountain biking event

  Strathpuffer MTB 2018 So it seems after last years antics the guys over here at TCJ/ Eventureworks  didn’t taking on this year’s puffer  –  I don’t blame them, I mean, they  have done 7 in a row – absolute nutters, if you ask us!  With 14 laps covered in 12 hours between the 3 brave souls […]

Five Common Merchandise Nightmares

merchandise mistakes

Merchandise Nightmares to Avoid   Whether you’re an Entrepreneur, PA, Brand Manager or an Intern with no clue – researching which supplier to use for branded merchandise is daunting and often time consuming. I do have to admit though – you get out what you put in, for sure. From a little bit of experience […]

What is Sublimation Print

sublimation print

  Sublimation Print High quality digital printing technology has evolved over the years and we have the facility to utilise it to the max.  Digital printing is quickly replacing the traditional methods of the industry. Sublimation printing is a dye ink process and the colour(dye) adheres only to the polyester fibres of fabric. Firstly a transfer is printed […]

A-Z Event Marketing

Event Marketing The promotion of a product, brand or service; primarily through direct marketing and sales, however – digital marketing is completely unavoidable in this era.  Live events and the preparation promotional activities that lead up to it, provide the most perfect opportunity to communicate your message to potential investors. From trade shows and seminars to […]

Create a Successful Tradeshow Booth

exhibition supplies

  Exhibition Stand – On Point!   The benefits of setting up shop at a relevant tradeshow/ exhibition can outperform any marketing campaign, if done well.  Billions of business deals and relationships are built at these events every year.  The biggest and best booths certainly get attention, but often don’t have all the bells and […]

Hoorah! For Branded Mugs

printed mugs

  Printed Sublimation Mugs   Branded mugs are one of the most popular promotional items purchased by both businesses and customers.  There’s many reasons for it too – the most likely and undeniable one being price; whilst more luxury items strategically place you up market and for the most part create a strong campaign, but […]

Promote your Brand with thecyclejersey

thecyclejersey Did you know that our partner brand is  Uhuh!  A fine bunch of multi-talented people over here!  At we specialise in custom printed cycle jerseys made to your own design, as well as bespoke limited edition designs we have been able to create with the permission of the company or artist. Designing […]

What is Screen Printing?

    Screen Printing Screen printing is one of the most popular methods of printing we use and it’s an available option on a large proportion of our product ranges. Why?  Because it’s most efficient when buying clothing in bulk; the results are very durable (wash inside out) and the finish is impeccable! The tool […]