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cheap t-shirt printing uk

cheap t-shirt printing uk

Cheap T-shirt Printing: Does Price Truly Reflect Quality?

Unfortunately in some cases, but not all!  Poor quality garments are often a reflection of price – which in real business terms equates to a false economy.  Most t-shirts should withhold general ‘wear and tear’; this includes wearing them numerous times in a week, washing regularly and friction caused from wearing other clothing on top, often though, you’ll see holes and ladders begin to appear.  This my friends, is not the moth in your closet, but the false economy effect! (and poor density fabric)… 

Usually a t-shirt made of single jersey; in other words, a fabric made with one thread. If a thin thread breaks, it leaves a hole in the fabric immediately.  T-shirts that are fabricated with two threads will not develop holes so easily, but since this type of fabric is more expensive, many clothing manufacturers choose to work with only a single thread anyway. 

You’ll be happy to hear that we have personally tried and tested every garment on our website by identifying the printing methods best suited, durability, aesthetics and sizing – we’ll continue to do so too!  As this means we’re able to honestly say, though our prices may be cheap – the result is long term durability, high impact and cost effective. 

If you have any reservations about the quality of the garment you wish to order, we can provide you with a sample prior to placing your order.  Just drop us a line –

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