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Exhibition Stand – On Point!


The benefits of setting up shop at a relevant tradeshow/ exhibition can outperform any marketing campaign, if done well.  Billions of business deals and relationships are built at these events every year.  The biggest and best booths certainly get attention, but often don’t have all the bells and whistles where is really matters.

It’s no secret you need to be able to walk the walk and talk the talk at these events – we’ve got the recipe to networking and presenting at tradeshows.

We’ve learned first-hand; trade show success is measured by how much effort you want to put into it.

Take note:

#1. First Impressions are the Most Lasting.

You’ll know by now that first impressions are everything! They bound together the way a customer will associate you brand, pretty much forever; first impressions are hard to change, so make sure they’re true to self!

Over 90% of website opinions are based on design.  Brand imagery must be consistent, in every route to market, so a creative stand will achieve a lasting impression and a purposeful website visit.  We understand you may not have the budget to achieve what a Google search will reveal a tradeshow stand should look like – but there’s ways around this.  Have a look at our Exhibitions and Promo Items section; we have huge visual impact products available from, banners and flags, to digital wall art and floor mats!  It doesn’t have to be costly to compete against the market.

#2. Monkey see, Monkey do.

Create a social buzz around your stand!  It generates curiosity, which in turn will achieve customer loyalty and trust traits.  Some would tell you to acquire your own personal shopper from within the team to start the buzz, but how can you build trust on a lie…  Host a competition online and/ or on stand, play a big screen video, go audio – there’s plenty of quirky ideas to engage with the right people.

#3. Reach Out.

Everyone loves FREE STUFF!  Remember those promotional mugs we told you about…  Among other things, such as wrist bands and t-shirts, these will at some point become house hold items – until then they’ll attract more visitors to your stand and then there’s the ‘monkey see, monkey do’ affect.

#4. It’s all about the Experience.

So, create one they’ll never forget- at least for a long time anyway.  If you’re not yet online – this is your best bet.  It’s most important to get them involved – if you’re a charity show them what it’s like to ‘walk a mile with no shoes’, or if it’s retail a catwalk showcasing ‘real’ people will seal the deal on trust and engagement.  We’ve got plenty of products and services to help make this idea a hit!


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