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Personalised Fabric Labels


Customised clothing labels are definitely the underdog of branded clothing; the added value they bring is off the scale.  It’s the first look that many consumers get of your brand, and you want to make sure that it leaves a lasting impression.  An eye-catching, high-quality label can sway a first-time buyer and set you apart from the ocean of alternative brands. 

Though often used for fashion, custom labels can be used for a variety of other products, including: pillows and duvets. Since labels for clothing can be produced in different materials like satin, silk, polyester, or cotton, they’re the ideal option for a wide variety of products.

If you’re an event organiser, labels are another great way to further capture the attention of the niche market you already have hold of too – you can add a specific event label to the event t-shirt too and make it a real novelty souvenir for participants.

Use any colour, font and/ or symbol to create a completely unique branded label to market your garment of choice with.

  • Classic woven labels with text/ symbols
  • Satin labels with text/ symbols
  • Bespoke woven labels with your own artwork
  • Bespoke satin labels with your own artwork
  • Care labels with laundry symbols

**Enquire for more information and costs –

As well as neck labels, we can also do custom zip pullers!  You can never  be too extra.



custom printed clothes labels


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