Digital Wallpaper

custom printed wallpaper


Digital wallpaper comes in all different shapes and sizes, offering an endless range of choices for optical illusions and powerful colours. When choosing the perfect print for your bedroom (or any room really), the daunting prospect of design error is one to take in your stride.  We offer a very personable experience, with a member of staff available at every stage to advice on any queries you may have.  After all, the whole point of designing a custom wall mural is to grab attention and engage in conversation.

Bring your empty walls to life with high res, large scale and unlimited colour murals.  The long lasting, impressionable and memorable effects of this kind of branding are undeniable.  Wall coverings are a unique way of creating a stimulating visual experience for your customers; portraying your business message in an unforgettable way. 

There are no production minimums, which allows for quick turnaround.  Our wall paper is (PRODUCT DESCRIPTION) 350GSM media, you can choose between a tacky adhesive backing and a plain paper that is activated by water – just like the home store kinds.

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