Five Common Merchandise Nightmares

merchandise mistakes

Merchandise Nightmares to Avoid


Whether you’re an Entrepreneur, PA, Brand Manager or an Intern with no clue – researching which supplier to use for branded merchandise is daunting and often time consuming. I do have to admit though – you get out what you put in, for sure. From a little bit of experience of our own, we’ve rounded up 6 tips on how to tackle the task at hand.

  1. If you’re failing to plan, you’re planning to fail… Strong words right..  I remember them vividly from my 4th year school planner!  Figure out exactly what you want before you start looking, because honestly – it’s a minefield of options to choose from out there and it will undoubtedly overwhelm you.  Take into consideration the obvious first – what your customers want; their demographics and psychographics.  Then what matters to the company about the product they’re wishing to buy; the price and ROI, country of manufacture and the quality of the product and so on.
  2. Artwork.  You really must know your EPS files from your JPEGS, your PDF from your PSD and so on…  Or at least someone does!  Providing the right artwork is a necessity you must take care of properly, because most manufactures will print exactly what you send in, as guidelines tend to state that they are not liable for poor quality artwork. Take a look at our own standard artwork guidelines copied below for a clear understanding of the file formats that work.  Logos should be supplied in print ready format (AI, EPS, SVG or COREL). Some PDF files will be suitable if they contain vector files. JPEG PSD PNG or TIFF files can be used also but they must be at least 150dpi at actual size.
  3. Reviews – the customer is always right…  Once you’ve figured out what you want and you have artwork guidelines on stand by – do an intense investigation on reviews.  From customer service and the order process, to practicality and delivery of the goods.  You’ll thank yourself later, as often it uncovers a multitude of sins.  Remember, don’t just check the website Trust Pilot reviews as these can be edited; look on social media pages and personal accounts, if they have an app – there’ll be a ratings for various parts of the service.
  4. Every single minute counts!  As long as everything we have discussed so far, is on point – the process will be quick and effortless.  From approval of artwork, we promise delivery in approx. 2 weeks (free of charge), but we’re in the UK – the supplier you choose may not be.  From experience, most people don’t get artwork approved instantly, delays occur – be it human nature, weekends or system malfunctions outwith anyone’s control – plan for the artwork approval process to be 2-3 working days.  Then 2 weeks production and a next day delivery.  If you’re needing your merchandise for an event or website stock, check your calendar and keep the order date free to complete! Allow the whole process to  take approx. 3 weeks and you’ll not be disappointed on our behalf.
  5. CELEBRATE! Now you know exactly how it feels to have someone walk around wearing your brand identity for the world to see!  It’s a mutual feeling of proudness and excitement for all parties involved.




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