Hoorah! For Branded Mugs

printed mugs


Printed Sublimation Mugs


Branded mugs are one of the most popular promotional items purchased by both businesses and customers.  There’s many reasons for it too – the most likely and undeniable one being price; whilst more luxury items strategically place you up market and for the most part create a strong campaign, but for new or smaller business, the price implication is just simply too high.  Which brings us to mugs; the perfect alternative, their cost effective status allows for you to buy them in big bulk, with a knock on effect of mass awareness.

Now, if you don’t know us well enough yet – you’ll soon find out we’re mahoosive coffee connoisseurs, as are the rest of the UK – approx. 68% of people drink 1-8 cups a day!  Which is why designing your own full colour custom mug is a no brainer because virtually everyone uses one, be it in the house, at the office or in a welcome/ goody bag and we all have our own favourite mug, so why not make it yours!

As we do with pretty much all of our products, our mugs are created in house.  They’re sourced from a highly recommended and trustable company and once received, we print and apply the transfer; checking quality at each stage of the process.  We stick to what we know here at Eventureworks, you’ll be able to find our range of mugs by clicking right here.



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