How To Come Up With Awesome T-Shirt Designs

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T-Shirt Design Tips


1. Detail is king! But keep things simple.
It’s no doubt that most people know how to appreciate an intricate drawing and the skill of attention to detail and there’s nothing much better than seeing a well executed masterpiece printed on a t-shirt. BUT, equally so – simple is powerful… Get your message across through in the simplest form.

2. Prepare your artwork properly.
Rubbish sent in = rubbish sent out. We do our absolute best to help provide our customers with the informatino they need to provide the correct artwork and for those not graphic savvy, we dedicate a ot of time to helping source/ create the right format of artwork (free of charge). But there comes a time when this becomes a nuisance and will start to generate a cost to customers. However! Follow these requirements and tips to master your merchandise artwork and you’ll be just grand.

Use Pantone Colours when designing – your printer will love you for it. They’ll also love you if you outline text and expand any strokes you may have. There are plenty of good tutorials out there, depending on whether you’re using Illustrator or Photoshop.

Logos should be supplied in print ready format (AI, EPS, SVG or COREL). Some PDF files will be suitable if they contain vector files. JPEG PSD PNG or TIFF files can be used also.

3. Source a Good Printer. US!*cough, cough*
Your t-shirt or hoodie – whatever you’ve picked, will only ever be as good your printer. At Eventureworks we offer various highly durable and impressionable elements of events and supplies merchandise; ranging from number boards and podium backdrops, as well as fully branded clothing specific to your event or brand. We don’t limit our audience, either! Our merchandise is suitable for teams and clubs, to blue chip companies.
With over 20 years printing experience, we’ve catered for some of the biggest brands in the industry including: No Fuss Events, Red Bull, Jet2, Cancer Research and many, many more.

The weight, sizes, labeling options, cost and so on all affect the end product result. Research like this can take a while and will require speaking to various companies, but one thing is for certain: deal with a company that wants to treat your tee as an end retail product and will handle your work with care.

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