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corporate branded merchandise


Professional Brand Merchandise to get your new Business off to a Flying Start!

You must recognise the link between successful business and strong branding, whether you’re a small start-up or a multi-national corporate business. Branding isn’t just a logo; it’s a way of defining your identity and your perception to others.

Be innovative, be bold – be daring!

Think like your customers. You’ll understandably have your own personal loathes and loves of your business, but you absolutely have to detach these feelings when you’re creating or re-marketing your brand identity – remember; think of it as a glorified ambassador! What would appeal to your target audience? It is affordable, practical, and memorable? Alright, YOU might not like the colour of your logo, or t-shirt choice, but if it’s appealing and impressionable to your audience, you’ll have to learn to love it and use it to your advantage.

Keep it Simple. Keep your strap line short too and use your logo and strap line on absolutely everything you’re producing – content, t-shirts, merchandise – you name it. It might be worth noting that the simpler your logo is, the more cost efficient it’ll be when applying to all kinds of merchandise (we don’t charge for text positions on our embroidered garments either), so you’re on to a winner! Maximum impact promotional t-shirts, for pennies!

Find a Niche. You can’t sell to everyone – it’s sometimes hard enough selling to people you already know love your product! So make sure you can relate to your customers, really connect with them –meet expectations and listen to feedback. After all, the customer does know best…

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, we can help you source your ideal product and design it in detail with great precision, because you shouldn’t have to settle for the next best thing.

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