Sustainable Eco-friendly Clothing

Sustainable Eco-friendly Clothing

ecofrienly clothing


Sustainability is not a trend, it’s a responsibility.

Customers increasingly expect brands to deliver on sustainability issues and as both a supplier and printer – being ahead on this issue means people looking for an eco friendly t-shirt printer can get products made that fully reflect their values.

The very basic aim of fashion sustainability is to ensure that clothing is manufactured in such a way that the product’s life cycle minimises any undesirable environmental effect.

It’s pretty terrifying to learn that in 2019 the most polluting industry (after oil), is fashion!  The revolving door of seasonal trends has become so highly damaging, that it’s become one of the most environmentally crippling industries on the planet – and honestly…  It’s only getting worse. 

As previously mentioned, we’re ahead of the game and currently offer a range of eco-friendly and sustainable garment choices and accessories including water bottles and bags.  Our delivery service is as eco-friendly and practical as possible, without having to increase our current turnaround time of two weeks. 

Our Direct to Garment (DTG) machines use water-based, sustainable and bio degradable inks, which are much greener than traditional t-shirt printing methods.  The great thing with DTG is that there are no other raw materials such as transfer paper needed, which just adds that extra value when weighing up the pros and cons.

Our Sublimation Printing transfer paper and fabric are both disposed of ethically also.  Our transfer paper goes in to trade recycling waste and our fabric is 100% recycled from the Polyester chain.



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