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Printed Promotional Bags

printed promotional bags

  Personalised custom hoodies are in the top 3 of our most popular selling promotional product for us this year – with hundreds being sold for: music festivals, school events and athletic clubs.  They’ve also been popular stock items for cycle outdoor events and band merchandise! Promotional accessories such as bags are money well spent […]

How to: Market to Every Generation through Merchandise

marketing through merchandise

  Market through Merchandise Event marketing is a tough environment to succeed in, in this day and age; with competitors doing almost anything to gain market share, and the customers doing these events becoming more driven and serious participants.  Event supplies and promotional merchandise is a useful approach to improve business and reputation – in […]

How To Come Up With Awesome T-Shirt Designs

t-shirt designs

  T-Shirt Design Tips   1. Detail is king! But keep things simple. It’s no doubt that most people know how to appreciate an intricate drawing and the skill of attention to detail and there’s nothing much better than seeing a well executed masterpiece printed on a t-shirt. BUT, equally so – simple is powerful… […]

What’s the Best T-shirt Printing for your Needs?


  T-Shirt Printing Techniques Putting a logo on a t-shirt for promotional reasons is a great idea to begin generating awareness and brand identity (as discussed in our Guide to Mastering your Brand Merchandise); but the same research and thought needs to be put into which method of print to use on your garment, as […]

Ready for Take-off?

corporate branded merchandise

  Professional Brand Merchandise to get your new Business off to a Flying Start! You must recognise the link between successful business and strong branding, whether you’re a small start-up or a multi-national corporate business. Branding isn’t just a logo; it’s a way of defining your identity and your perception to others. Be innovative, be […]

Five Common Merchandise Nightmares

merchandise mistakes

Merchandise Nightmares to Avoid   Whether you’re an Entrepreneur, PA, Brand Manager or an Intern with no clue – researching which supplier to use for branded merchandise is daunting and often time consuming. I do have to admit though – you get out what you put in, for sure. From a little bit of experience […]

Top 5 Promotional items for 2018

promotional items

    Promotional items 2018 In the world of events and manufacturing, I’m afraid 2018 is well underway – in fact, I bet most of us are already through the first half of the year already. There’s no rest for the wicked in this world…  Promotional items and merchandise usually take a back seat, until […]