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Printed Promotional Bags

printed promotional bags

  Personalised custom hoodies are in the top 3 of our most popular selling promotional product for us this year – with hundreds being sold for: music festivals, school events and athletic clubs.  They’ve also been popular stock items for cycle outdoor events and band merchandise! Promotional accessories such as bags are money well spent […]

Create a Successful Tradeshow Booth

exhibition supplies

  Exhibition Stand – On Point!   The benefits of setting up shop at a relevant tradeshow/ exhibition can outperform any marketing campaign, if done well.  Billions of business deals and relationships are built at these events every year.  The biggest and best booths certainly get attention, but often don’t have all the bells and […]

A Guide to Mastering your Brand Merchandise

branded promotional merchandise

    Mastering your Brand Merchandise Do you know how it feels to see someone walk by with your brand name proudly embossed across their t-shirt? I can tell you it’s freakin’ awesome! A proper ‘chuffedie’ badge moment, that little else could make you feel that way; which is why if done right, merchandise is […]

Top 5 Promotional items for 2018

promotional items

    Promotional items 2018 In the world of events and manufacturing, I’m afraid 2018 is well underway – in fact, I bet most of us are already through the first half of the year already. There’s no rest for the wicked in this world…  Promotional items and merchandise usually take a back seat, until […]