Top 5 Promotional items for 2018

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Promotional items 2018

In the world of events and manufacturing, I’m afraid 2018 is well underway – in fact, I bet most of us are already through the first half of the year already. There’s no rest for the wicked in this world…  Promotional items and merchandise usually take a back seat, until it’s too late and then it’s just a case of clutching at straws and getting your hands on anything cheap.

Well my friends that bad habit needs kicked! Have you read our blog on what your merchandise says about you??  It’s sooooo important!  And a really big reason, a lot of folk sign up – they’re proud to show the world they attended your event; it’s a badge of honour and it should be yours too.  While there’s still plenty of time ahead – have a look at the best promo items we’ve found for the year ahead.

Swag Bag – oh yeah!! From bum bags to, shoppers; it’s undeniable that EVERYONE now has a collection in the house or the boot of their car.   These handy wee guys get taken all around the world, so really this is a very practical and tactical piece of kit.  These durable and long lasting products are perfect if you’re held to a tight budget.  We’ve got an awesome range of colour and products for every event – prices are as low as 0.99p!

Headwear – from multipurpose snoods that can be used as headbands and sweat bands, to baseball caps and impressionable beanies; we’re guilty of favouring this promotional route. The beauty of these products as well, is that they can be worn through all walks of life; corporate events, marshal/ security staff. We’ve done a bunch for merch for Scottish band Skipinnish – check it all out here.

Scarf – if you’re serious about branding your event staff and audience to the max, this is an awesome idea too. High quality, with a simple heat applied logo or embroidery patch; you’ll look pretty smart.  A product like this gives a high end vibe and customers will feel so valued if you were to add this free of charge to an event.

Towel – Not an immediate thought for a promotional item – but oh so handy!! From golf towels to gym towels, we have a small and reliable collection that would be ideal for outdoor events such as fun runs, cycling or even festivals.  Plus, it’s bound to get kept in a sports bag or handbag for an unpredicted spill or accident in daily life too.  Again, a practical and tactical masterpiece – they’re cheap too.

Mouse Mats – another quirky idea of ours! All sublimated on site, we can mass produce and create full colour, eye catching designs.  They can promote your specific campaign, product, or event act as an informative piece with a clear call to action. This promo item would be great on an exhibition stand or visible at a corporate event.


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