What is Sublimation Print

sublimation print


Sublimation Print

High quality digital printing technology has evolved over the years and we have the facility to utilise it to the max.  Digital printing is quickly replacing the traditional methods of the industry.

Sublimation printing is a dye ink process and the colour(dye) adheres only to the polyester fibres of fabric.

Firstly a transfer is printed on to special sublimation paper; using only the best state of the art digital printing machines and the highest quality of European inks.

When the heating plate reaches a temperature of 200°C, the dye turns to a gas and impregnates the polyester fibres, instead of sitting on the surface like most other printing techniques.

The result is a print which will not fade, crack or wash out as it is permanently embedded into the polyester fabric. It also means the performance of the garment is maintained.

Many of our polyester fabrics are mainly made from recycled fabrics and polyester products; resulting in less damage to the environment.

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